You can include the link to mobile tickets in your PDF tickets or your thermal printed tickets too.

If you'd like to help your customers get to their mobile tickets page at the venue, have a look at this article where we explain how to do this.

How to put the unique link on your Spektrix ticket design as QR code

On thermal tickets, you just need to include the QR code (we recommend checking that your printer can support printing them first) so that customers can scan it with their phone.

To add the QR code on Spektrix, go to your tickets in Documents Designs, in the admin section of Spektrix. Edit an existing ticket or create a new one.

Add a new QR code from the top bar:

A small, placeholder QR code will appear in the document design:

Select it to move it to the desired location. You can click and drag one of the corners of the QR code to make it bigger. You might want to test printing a few tickets with different sizes and test that they can be scanned with your phone:

Select the QR code and click on "Text editor" to edit the information encoded by the QR code. As a default, the QR code encodes the seat/barcode information. We are going to modify this to encode the URL for our mobile tickets.

In the text editor, edit the text to add the URL with your subdomain that is used for mobile tickets with crowdEngage. The format is as follows:{Seat/Barcode}

For example, if the barcode is AAXCZQAF, this URL would look like this:

Add the URL with subdomain as shown to the text encoded by the QR code:

The QR code is now ready! When scanned from a ticket by your customer, it will take them to the mobile tickets page.

You can add a bit of informative text as well next to the QR code so that customers know what to expect if they scan it. Click on "New Text":

and the placeholder "Text" will appear on the document design page. You can drag this placeholder next to the QR code:

Edit it by clicking on "Text editor":

And now change it to something more meaningful and click on "Save text" to apply the changes:

The end result:

How to put the unique link on your Spektrix ticket design as a link

We recommend you use both the link and the QR code on PDF tickets, this way your customers can easily the link whether it is already printed or viewed on a phone.

To add the link, select again "New Text":

This will add a "Text" placeholder. Click on "Text Editor" to modify this text.

Modify this text to use the previous URL we used in the QR code, the one that includes the barcode, click on "Save text" to apply:

This is the end result:

You can adapt this to your ticket designs and this way, encourage your customers to order F&B from the moment they have their tickets.

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