The mobile tickets page is a great place to provide quick access to important information that your customers should have at their fingertips.

The default tab that the mobile tickets page displays is just “Tickets”. Let’s have a quick look at this option and the other possible default pages that you can include in your page:

  • Tickets: this page displays the QR codes for the tickets for the performance, and the share buttons if this is the page for the main ticket holder

  • Order: this page is displayed if there is an open menu available that your customers can order from

  • Map: is displayed automatically but only if there is a venue address. It opens your maps application on your phone to allow you to trace a route to the venue’s address.

  • FAQs: only appears if you have Frequently Asked Questions setup in crowdEngage.

  • Optional tabs: these are tabs that link to external website addresses.

Optional tabs and how to set them up

You can optionally add a tab that links to any external websites. For example, you could link to:

  • A survey

  • An instagram filter

  • The “What’s on” page on your website

  • A special landing page

  • …and anything else you can think of!

These are a couple of examples:

A mobile tickets page where a survey tab has been highlighted

A mobile tickets page where the Instagram filter tab has been highlighted

The tab can be configured by the Support team and it will include an icon and a short name to describe what the customer can find when they visit this tab.

If you'd like to setup an optional tab today, get in touch with and let us know:

  • The icon you’d like, chosen from this Fontawesome list

  • The name for the section

  • The web address you’d like to link to

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