Customers might have their printed tickets already on their hands, but you want to send them to their mobile tickets page where they can find your F&B menus to tempt them. As the customer has their ticket barcode available on their printed ticket, they can use this to bring up the mobile ticket page on their phones.

For this, you’ll simply need to take them to your crowdEngage subdomain where they will enter their ticket barcode. Let’s see how this is done.

You’ll need to have a poster somewhere in your venue that points to the subdomain that you’ve set up for your crowdEngage mobile tickets page. For example, if your main website was, we have probably recommended using, or maybe You can also find your subdomain URL by looking at any of the mobile tickets links on a browser.

Your subdomain page allows your customers to enter a barcode for a ticket and generate their mobile ticket page.

To help your customers bring up this URL, besides printing it on a large font on your poster, you can create a QR code they can scan with their devices. We tend to use for all our QR-code-generating needs. In the “enter content” section you’ll introduce your complete subdomain URL, like this:

a sample QR code from that shows the section where you need to enter your URL

And then click on “Generate” on the right hand side of the page to get your QR code, the green button:

a sample QR code from that shows the green button that generates the code

There’s some options for customising your code’s appearance on this same page, have a play and find one that fits your venue’s style. We recommend printing the QR code on a page and testing it with your phone before printing many posters with it, just to make sure the URL is correct and the QR code can be read properly.

Once your poster is ready, your customers can scan the QR code or enter the URL on their phones to navigate through to a page similar to this one:

They can then enter their barcode, and they'll be taken to the mobile ticket page.

You might be thinking that using the barcodes to bring up the mobile tickets page is a nice feature, you can in fact use this same approach to generate the URLs for the mobile tickets and for instance add them in your PDF e-tickets, or thermal tickets as a secondary QR code. In the case of thermal tickets, you must check that your ticket printer is happy printing QR codes that have a good enough resolution to scan them easily with a phone. The customer just needs to scan this secondary QR code to get to the mobile tickets and orders page automagically. We’ve prepared a separate article for you that explains this in more detail.

How to put the unique link on your Spektrix ticket design as QR code or link

We recommend you use both the link and the QR code on PDF tickets, this way your customers can easily use them whether it is already printed or viewed on a phone. On thermal tickets just need the QR code (we recommend checking that your printer can support printing them first).

We have prepared a step-by-step article that walks you through the process of adding this to your ticket in Spektrix. Check it out.

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