If you are sending a communication to your customer and you already have their ticket barcodes, you can include a link to their mobile ticket page already!

You’ll need to know your subdomain that you’ve set up for your crowdEngage mobile tickets page. For example, if your main website was example.com, we have probably recommended using visit.example.com, or maybe yourvisit.example.com. You can also find your subdomain URL by looking at any of the mobile tickets links on a browser.

With this subdomain, you can generate a special link that web integrators can use to take customers to their mobile tickets page and menu for orders. The format is as follows:


For example, if the barcode is AAXCZQAF, this URL would look like this:


This URL will take you to a mobile ticket page that only displays that one ticket.

If the order has multiple tickets and you want to display them all in the mobile tickets page, you’ll need to enter all the ticket barcodes separated by a plus symbol. For example:


There’s a few constraints that you should be aware of:

  1. All the barcodes must be for the same event instance (that means that if you have an order that contains tickets for two instances, you'd need to generate two separate links for their mobile tickets).

  2. All the barcodes must be from the same order.

  3. If you specify multiple barcodes, you must specify all of the barcodes for that instance in the order. If any are missing, the link won't work.

If you generate a page with just one ticket, this avoids having to follow the above constraints but does add an extra registration step for the customer when it comes to ordering F&B via crowdEngage, as we need to know who the order belongs to.

We hope this helps and gets you started adding the links to the mobile tickets for your customers to their emails.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we are here to help.

Step by Step example: how to add the link or QR code in Spektrix

We have prepared a separate article that takes you through the process of adding the QR code or link to your ticket designs in Spektrix.

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