With crowdEngage, your customers can conveniently add their tickets to their Apple Wallet. Let’s see how it works.

Once this feature has been enabled by crowdEngage Support, when the customer sees their mobile tickets on the mobile tickets page, they’ll find the new button to add to their Apple Wallet under each one of them. It looks like this:

a crowdEngage mobile ticket page that shows the Apple Wallet button

When they tap on this button, the Apple Wallet ticket is generated and downloaded to the iPhone:

An Apple Wallet ticket example

An Apple Wallet ticket details example

Something pretty nifty about the Apple Wallet ticket is that it will start displaying the tickets on the customer’s lock screen two hours before the performance, keeping their tickets quickly available for your customers to display on their phones when they arrive.

This is an optional feature and can be enabled if you drop us an email at support@crowdengage.com or get in touch through the Support Chat. We’ll need a few assets to set this up:

  • Your logo in PNG format, on a transparent background (minimum 480x150 pixels)

  • Your website favicon in PNG format (square icon, minimum 87x87 pixels). If you can’t source this one, just send the logo our way and we’ll prepare the favicon for you.

If you are wondering about what happens with Android users, we are happy to share that we’ll also be adding support to Google Pay (formerly known as Android Pay or Google Wallet) soon. We’ll keep you updated.

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