For venues

Go to the Attribute Templates section within the Spektrix Settings interface.

Add three new Order text attributes, named exactly as follows:

  • CrowdEngageAgentCustomerFirstName

  • CrowdEngageAgentCustomerLastName

  • CrowdEngageAgentCustomerMobileNumber

All three should be Text field attributes and must have either the Public or Visible in API integration checkbox ticked (depending on which version of the Spektrix UI you are using). Please note that despite the name, the Public checkbox does not mean that this data will be publicly visible.

Once you've created these attributes, please send this page to your agency partners so they can update their Spektrix API integration.

For agents

crowdEngage is used by venues to send out important messaging to audiences before the show along with mobile tickets and convenient F&B preordering. By adjusting your Spektrix integration, your customers will benefit from a better visitor experience.

By default, the Spektrix Agency API assigns all agency bookings to the relevant Agent customer record rather than the end customer. By adding customer information to three special order attributes (the Spektrix name for custom fields), you can ensure that crowdEngage will be able to send tickets to your customers.

Directly before the API call to confirm each basket, insert the following API call to set the attribute values:


"attribute_CrowdEngageAgentCustomerMobileNumber": "CUSTOMER MOBILE NUMBER",
"attribute_CrowdEngageAgentCustomerFirstName": "CUSTOMER FIRST NAME",
"attribute_CrowdEngageAgentCustomerLastName": "CUSTOMER LAST NAME"

Although not all Spektrix clients will have set up these attributes, Spektrix will silently ignore any data for attributes that have not been configured. You can therefore safely add this call to all of your Spektrix API integrations without having to check if these attributes are present or not.

Your Terms and Conditions probably already include a clause that allows you to share customer data with venues for the purpose of ticket fulfilment, but you may wish to confirm this before releasing this change. This data is added at an order level and is not a traditional customer record so venues will not be able to use this information for marketing purposes when building segmentations in Spektrix.

Once you've added these attributes to your agency integration, please drop us a line at so we can get in touch directly about any future developments and also let our clients know that your integration is live.

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