For the "Your visit" feature (mobile tickets, drinks pre-ordering, and more), we highly recommend using a subdomain of your website rather than relying on the default domain. Using your own domain means that the experience is fully branded, and means that customers are presented with a familiar website address.

There are no extra charges for using a custom domain with crowdEngage.

Deciding on the subdomain you'd like to use

This is the first step. We recommend using something short and sweet. For example, if your main website was, we'd recommend using, or maybe

Once you've decided on which subdomain you'd like to use, drop us a line to let us know:

We'll get things set up for you and reply with instructions for you to pass on to the person who manages your DNS records.

Pointing your chosen subdomain to crowdEngage

To point a domain to crowdEngage, you'll need to create a CNAME record to point your subdomain to the special address we'll give you. 

The address we'll give you will be in the format <unique-identifier>

If you use Cloudflare (or any other DNS-based reverse-proxy/DDoS protection/filtering/caching/CDN solution), please ensure that the subdomain you've chosen is excluded/bypassed.

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