You can use any information about the order that Spektrix exposes via its API.

crowdEngage combines all the orders for a customer so that you
only send one message per customer rather than one message per order. Some fields are calculated automatically. For example, as a message might potentially be for multiple orders, to insert a booking reference you would use:

{{ order.friendly_ids }}

Which would insert order IDs in one of the following formats (depending on the number of IDs present):

18-DZ-39WO and 18-DY-08GL
18-GD-52ZS, 18-DZ-39WO and 18-DY-08GL

For example:

Your collection reference is {{ order.friendly_ids }}.

Would output:

Your collection reference is 18-DY-08GL.

If you want to include ticket data for the current instance, ticket data is included in the list object. Note that this is not suitable for inserting directly into your message - you will need to "loop" through the list and insert the information from each item. Please contact support for help

Other fields

You can also include information about attributes, payments, refunds, order items, deliveries, and more. Please contact support for help with these other merge fields as they can be a little tricky.

Blank fields

Be aware that fields might well be blank if they aren't required in Spektrix! If you want to avoid this, you could use an if/else statement to check whether the field is blank or not before you use it.

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