crowdEngage needs two Spektrix accounts to pull in your ticketing data - one for the API, and another for the marketing interface.

API v3 user

Head to the settings interface (, select the Users menu and then API users

Click the New API Account button and fill in the details as follows:

Username: crowdengage
Email address:
Phone number: +447418310289

Under Role, ensure This API user is using the Venue API is selected, and then click Create API Account.

Marketing interface user

In the settings interface (, select the Users menu and then User Accounts.

Click the New User Account button and fill in the details as follows:

Username: crowdengage_user
Full name: crowdEngage User
Email address:

For the password, choose something secure and keep a note of it. 

Under Roles, ensure the following checkboxes are ticked:

  • Collect Report
  • Marketing Administrator
  • Marketing User

Send the password you selected for the marketing user to the crowdEngage support team. We'll change it and store it securely. 

If you'd like to restrict the marketing user's access, you can remove all the roles apart from Collect Report after crowdEngage has completed the initial setup. Please note that the roles may need to be temporarily reinstated in the future if adjustments are required.

Seat attributes

Seat attributes are often used to print door/entrance letters or numbers on tickets. In order to display this information on your mobile tickets, you'll need to ensure that your seat attributes are available via the Spektrix API. 

In the Settings interface, head to Attribute Templates and then select Seat on the left-hand side menu. Go through all of the attribute templates you use for door information, and make sure they have This attribute is visible in your API integrations checked.

IP Restrictions

If your system has IP restrictions enabled, you'll need to add the crowdEngage IP addresses in order to allow access. In the Settings interface, hover over the Configuration menu option at the top, and then select Security. If the Security menu option isn't displayed, your system does not have IP restrictions enabled and you can skip this step.

Click the New Authorised IP Address button and fill out the form with the following details:

IP address:
Description: crowdEngage

Click the Create Authorised IP Address button.

Note that if the crowdEngage IP address ranges change, you'll need to update this setting - we'll get in touch to let you know if this is required.

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